Get Your Own Gumprint

Family portrait 2021



Orchid flower

You can order your own gumprint in a few different ways:

Your own photo

You have a beautiful photo that you would like me to print as a gumprint image. This can be an old photo from an album, a negative or a digital image, I can handle all formats of photo’s to create a gumprint. Together we decide on the desired colors and characteristics of the final gumprint. Gumprinting is a creative and manual proces so I can create a certain “look and feel” but never an exact copy of the original. Every gumprint is a unique image, no second exists!


I am happy to take on a photo assignment like a family or child portrait. But also a house, landscape, flower or perhaps a more abstract idea can work very well for a gumprint. After taking the picture we discuss which images will be used to create your gumprint. And of course we will discuss the desired colors and characteristics of the final gumprint. Next to the gumprint you will receive a copy of all photo’s in a digital format.


My work

All gumprints shown on this website are my creation and for sale (if not already sold). If you are interested in one of my gumprints please feel free to contact me! Have a look on this website or visit me to have a closer look at my work. Under “My Work” you can find more information including the technique and size of the different gumprints.



All gumprints come with a passepartout in a desired color and a certificate of authenticity. Shipping is possible and will be done in professional packaging and under registered mail. It takes me approximately 2 weeks to create an ordered gumprint.

Gumprint made from old photo, copyright Joan Fermor


Prices are depending on the number of layers of pigment that are needed to create the image. Monochrome or duotone prints are less expensive than three color images. Prices for my gumprint with a size up to A3 (11 x 16 inch) start at 90 euro excluding VAT.